2022 ICPC Europe Training Camp powered by Huawei held in Poland

Around 300 students from 11 countries completed a three-day on-site Training Camp initiated by the International Collegiate Programming Contest University Commons (ICPCU) on Sunday. Co-hosted by the University of Wrolcaw and Huawei, the camp aims to provide top-notch programming training for college-aged enthusiasts of mathematical modeling, algorithms, programming and data structure.

Ready, steady, go!

From October 14th to 16th in Miłocin Park in Pierwoszów, near Wroclaw, teams of students and young programmers met to practice and improve their skills under the watchful eyes of supervisors, coaches and mathematical talents from around the world. For the first time in history of this global initiative, the 3-day educational program took place in Poland. More than 40 teams, some connected online while others joining on-site, were attracted to compete in algorithm programming during 3 training sessions led by experts. These courses allow the participants to practice and improve their skills before the next stage of the finals. It was an exciting opportunity to meet new people, learn from others and get to know the practices and theories taught in different countries (such as Romania, Czech Republic or Israel).

“Huawei will continue to support contests & boot camps, and provide professional coaching to the ICPC community. We would also like to share with all of you real-world industrial problems that need to be solved in order to enable a fully-connected & intelligent world. Together, we can learn & grow through ICPC, and drive technological progress!” Zhou Hong, President of the Institute of Strategic Research at Huawei said.

Huawei is committed to open research platform

One of the ongoing goals of Huawei is to actively support the local talent ecosystem. Huawei is committed to open research platforms that are oriented to the future of information terminals, computing, and connectivity. Huawei’s research and development in technologies and products is inevitably connected with mathematics, algorithms and software challenges, especially in the field of optics, wireless structures and mobile phones. Observations of similar Huawei-powered contests dedicated to young talents lead to the conclusion that students consider Huawei’s fields of work such as Cloud, social-app software and financial transactions as the best areas for practicing their skills in programming and mathematical modeling.

“The training camp is not only a meeting of minds, but also a platform for communications. Its value lies not only in the content, but also in the connections made through the training camps. Huawei has opened a window of opportunity for ICPC volunteers to participate in these activities without having to bear the financial burden.” ICPC Global Executive Director. Dr. William B. Poucher said.

“ICPC Foundation training initiatives are crucial for raising new talent, aspirations, bringing people together and building new systems and services that will serve our neighbors. ICPC is about finding solutions to problems. Huawei has been supporting this initiative for several years, which allowed it to successfully grow, and provide opportunities for many students and coaches in different regions of the world. Only together, with academia and industry, we can make this world a better place, establish opportunities for next generations of problem solvers and find smart solutions for global needs.” Veronika Soboleva, Director of ICPC Foundation Development said.

Equal education is the key to the digital inclusiveness

Huawei is committed to the eradication of inequality in the access to the new technologies – and therefore aims for a total inclusivity of the digital world. One of the most effective strategies that Huawei can introduce in this regard is to give the opportunity to educate the youngsters from across the world. The company’s flagship educational program Seeds for the Future, which starts in just a few weeks, is one of its many initiatives providing the students with exposure on AI, Cloud or alternative energy resources. In just 2021, Huawei had cooperated globally with more than 300 universities and more than 900 research institutions. Huawei will also launch over 10 Tech Arena competitions in dozens of European countries.

“As an unswerving pioneer in digitalization, Huawei believes digitalization will be the key to unlocking a brighter future. This progress will become much easier if we involved the top talents in discipline design, school-enterprise joint training, science and technology competitions and other all-round and multi-level top talent discovery and cultivation initiatives. This is why just in 2021, Huawei invested RMB 2.7 billion in university cooperation, cooperating with more than 300 universities and more than 900 research institutions around the world,” said Guo Shuaisheng, head of Huawei’s Warsaw Research Center.

In Poland, Huawei has recently signed an agreement with WSB University in Dąbrowa Górnicza to give students access to more practical courses, interesting conferences and more up-to-date study plans. It is just one of many collaborations that Huawei has conducted with Polish universities. The company has had talent cultivation programs such as co-developed deep learning courses for Warsaw university, algorithm research program in University of Jagiellonian, and other upcoming training program in Wroclaw University, Warsaw University of Technology, the Poznań University of Technology or Koźmiński University.

Image captions

2022 ICPC Europe Training Camp powered by Huawei held in Poland
Director of ICPC Foundation Development Veronika Soboleva speaks at the opening ceremony on Oct 14th
One student speaks during the Training Camp on Oct 16th at Miłocin Park in Pierwoszów
University students participate the 2022 ICPC Europe Training Camp on Oct 15 th at Miłocin Park in Pierwoszów

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