GENXT renews partnership with Apple Inc. as the Authorized Apple Distributor in Sri Lanka (AAD)

Generation Next Communications Sri Lanka (Genxt Sri Lanka), has renewed its contract as the Apple Authorized Distributor (AAD) in Sri Lanka for the year 2021/2022.  The tech-distributor and the reseller is the Sri Lankan representation of the Genxt (PTE) Ltd. Singapore, already synonymous of apple brand distribution authority in seven other countries.

Apple Inc, as the No 1 top ranked company in the world, is highly discerning of its distribution channels and the Authorized Distributor selection of a country is established following fulfillment of many astute perquisites by the tech giant. As such Genxt Sri Lanka’s continuous partnership with apple since 2018, depicts the service diligence of the local company.

However, especially in the local context, a decision to purchase an Apple product is a considerable investment for the customers. Therefore, it is essential that the consumer is able to enjoy the ROI of Apple’s commendable post sales services, through warranty and service. Thereby, purchasing official TRCSL approved phones from an Apple Authorised Reseller or a Genxt Preferred partner enables a hassle free routing for Apple after-sales services.

The apple products which are routed through the authorized channels comply with corresponding regional codes, which indicates that the products comply the user requirements and product specifications that have been customized as per the region.

Thereby the enabled product features may differ from country to country or according to the region, for example consumers may face issues when using LTE, or VOLTE Networks when it’s not used in the country it’s made for.

Though Apple has international warranty, if the product are not specific to the region it is being used, then in such instances service centres won’t be able to replace devices as some features may not be compatible.

For an example Apple devices in countries such as Hong Kong, or China has a physical dual sim, but in Sri Lanka there is only one e-sim&one physical sim, the power adapters are also different based on the region. Therefore, using an adapter which is not suitable for Sri Lanka may damage the product. 

On the other hand legally channeled apple products comply with TRCSL perquisites while a product brought in through illegal channels may not comply to TRCSL standards and you may also receive refurbished units sold as new units, which denotes that at an unfortunate occasion that the phone is stolen or lost, TRCSL may not be able to trace and retrieve the lost smart device.     

GENXT continuously works towards innovating services, leveraging scale within network and operations while constantly exploring opportunities to broaden the perspective. Adhering to a culture of integrity and excellence for all of its partners and stakeholders. GENXT is more committed to deliver an unparalleled service to its customers and partners. GENXT Sri Lanka supports its partners in achieving AAR status with Apple by advising and assisting them with the application process.  

“The highly anticipated iPhone 13 series will officially launch in Sri Lanka very soon and the customers who purchase the official phone through our partners will be eligible to an amazing offer which will be given for the first time in Sri Lanka for iPhones along with many other exciting offers from our partners. And I urge the customers to wait for the official launch and the authentic product”Genxt Sri Lanka CEO Rajeev Gooneratne commented.

The GENXT head office is located in Singapore and it’s also the authorised distributor for Apple in Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brunei, Maldives, Mongolia, Myanmar, and Nepal. It has earned it’s reputation and trust as leaders in the mobile phone trade and retail industries in Asia by delivering a wide range of original phone products and accessories which are genuine and are the latest range of products. 


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