Inqbaytor Takes Flight with Emirates Gateway Direct NDC API Certification Leading Sri Lanka’s Travel Industry into the Future

Inqbaytor Technologies, a leading travel technology company, recently announced a groundbreaking achievement as the first travel platform in the country to be certified for Emirates Gateway Direct NDC API. This landmark collaboration empowers Inqbaytor to directly connect its B2C platform,, and B2B platform, Ticket Gadget, to Emirates through the IATA NDC standard, eliminating intermediaries and unlocking a world of benefits for both the airline and travelers.  

Dr. Harshani Perera, CEO of Inqbaytor, expressed her excitement about the partnership, “This certification marks a significant milestone for Inqbaytor, solidifying our commitment to innovation and providing next-generation travel solutions. By connecting directly to Emirates through NDC API, we empower our platforms to offer more value-added, differentiated, and competitive Emirates products, surpassing the limitations of legacy systems.”  

The New Distribution Capability (NDC) program, spearheaded by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), represents a paradigm shift in the travel industry. By leveraging the innovative XML-based NDC Standard, Inqbaytor and Emirates can now establish a more dynamic and direct connection enabling; Enhanced product offerings: Emirates gains the ability to showcase its full range of fares, products, and exclusive offers directly to Inqbaytor’s platforms, Personalized travel experiences: Travelers can enjoy tailored offerings catering to their specific needs and preferences, leading to a more seamless and fulfilling booking journey, and Cost-effective distribution: Both Inqbaytor and Emirates benefit from streamlined communication, reducing overall distribution costs.  

Inqbaytor’s achievement positions Sri Lanka at the forefront of travel technology advancements. By pioneering the adoption of NDC standards, Inqbaytor paves the way for a more dynamic and personalized travel experience for all Sri Lankan travelers. This collaboration with Emirates sets a new benchmark for the industry, offering a glimpse into the future of travel distribution and retail. 

Inqbaytor’s outstanding performance was also recently recognized at the prestigious Emirates Awards Night, held at Shangri-La Colombo, and this recognition is a testament to Inqbaytor’s dedication to providing exceptional service through technology.



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