Varun Beverages Gears Up for Clean Green Sri Lanka, Electric Bicycles Power Up PET Plastic Collection Initiative

Varun Beverages Lanka (Pvt) Ltd.(VBLL), a leading carbonated beverage manufacturer and the official bottling and distribution franchise of PepsiCo beverages in Sri Lanka, is leading the charge towards a cleaner and greener future with an innovative initiative. This program encourages the general public to collect waste PET plastic bottles in an environmentally responsible manner. 

Mrs. Eresha Kumburulanda, Head-Legal, Compliance & Sustainability (AAL) at Varun Beverages Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, stated, “At Varun Beverages Lanka Pvt Ltd for the Clean Green Sri Lanka project, we are dedicated to environmental responsibility. This initiative exemplifies our commitment to a sustainable future. By empowering communities and promoting responsible waste management practices, we can collectively create a cleaner and greener Sri Lanka.”   

PET plastic is a valuable resource when managed responsibly.  Through this initiative, Varun Beverages Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. aims to educate the public on the importance of proper PET plastic bottle collection and disposal.

PET plastic bottles can have a positive impact if collected and recycled properly.  Varun Beverages Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. is committed to empowering individuals to become active participants in environmental stewardship. 

Varun Beverages Lanka (Pvt) Ltd’s. commitment to sustainability extends beyond words. This initiative spearheads the introduction of electric bicycles specifically designed for collecting recyclable waste.  These electric bikes offer a clean and efficient solution, promoting zero-emission waste collection and strengthening the economic viability of the recycling industry.  Furthermore, the program empowers marginalized communities by providing opportunities for individuals to establish their own PET collection businesses.   

This innovative program marks the first time electric bicycles have been utilized for recyclable waste collection in Sri Lanka.  These eco-friendly bikes offer a multitude of advantages: increased collection efficiency, strengthened recycling infrastructure, and economic empowerment for marginalized communities.  

Varun Beverages Lanka (Pvt) Ltd’s. program, “Clean Green Sri Lanka”, seeks to transform public perception regarding PET plastic bottles. Utilizing electric bicycles for collection, the program not only promotes environmental responsibility but also introduces a sustainable mode of transportation. 



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