APIIT Achieves Remarkable IT Infrastructure Transformation with Huawei Cloud, Empowered by DMS Software Engineering (Pvt) Ltd

APIIT’s Adoption of Huawei Cloud Marks a New Era of Scalability, Security, and Innovation

The Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology (APIIT), a prestigious educational institution, with a 23 year history in quality higher education has achieved a significant milestone by migrating its IT infrastructure to Huawei Cloud, in collaboration with DMS Software Engineering. This move marks a new era for APIIT, leveraging cloud computing for scalability, security, and innovation. Recognizing the imperative of digital transformation, APIIT modernized its IT infrastructure with support from DMS Software Engineering and the advanced capabilities of Huawei Cloud. The transition, led by DMS Software Engineering, was seamless, guided by their expertise and Huawei Cloud’s robust infrastructure and security.

Huawei Cloud’s migration has unlocked numerous benefits for APIIT, enhancing its IT infrastructure. The cloud’s scalability optimizes learning resources, while robust security ensures data protection. This shift also leads to cost savings by eliminating on-premises infrastructure. The partnership between APIIT, Huawei Cloud, and DMS Software Engineering exemplifies innovation. By embracing cloud technology, APIIT stands as a digital education trailblazer.

Erantha Gunawardena, APIIT’s Assistant Manager – IT said, “The migration to Huawei Cloud has revolutionized our institution, enabling us to provide an exceptional learning environment for our students. With the scalability, security, and cost-efficiency offered by Huawei Cloud, we have bolstered our capabilities to foster innovation and deliver education that meets the demands of the digital age.”

Huawei Sri Lanka CEO Tao Guangyao stated “In cloud services, Huawei Cloud is working to offer Everything as a Service. We are translating the company’s 30 plus years of ICT know-how into a wide variety of cloud services, including Infrastructure as a Service, Technology as a Service, and Expertise as a Service. These services aim to make computing power as easily accessible as water and electricity. Huawei Cloud never stops innovating. By leveraging over three decades of technological achievements and ICT expertise, we are proud to provide customers, partners, and developers with reliable, secure, and sustainable cloud services. Huawei Cloud provides collaboration support for partners based on the unique roles they play, whether they are system integrators, software partners, service partners, device partners, learning partners, or distributors.”

Huawei Cloud’s reputation is strengthened as a leading cloud provider, and DMS Software Engineering’s expertise continues to drive successful digital transformations.

Thillaiampalam Baheerathan Director/General Manager of DMS Software Engineering and a trusted partner of Huawei Cloud Sri Lanka said, I’m excited to lead our collaborative efforts in guiding businesses through transformative cloud journeys. Our partnership with Huawei Cloud empowers us to reshape how enterprises operate, innovate, and evolve. Cloud transformation isn’t just about technology; it’s a strategic shift towards efficiency, agility, and growth. We’re dedicated to supporting Sri Lankan businesses, helping them confidently embrace cloud technology’s full potential for their digital transformation and a future of boundless opportunities.

DMS Software Engineering (Pvt) Ltd is an innovative product engineering company that pioneers the creation of next-generation business applications across diverse industries such as Banking, Manufacturing, and more. Our expertise spans enterprise business application development, bespoke software solutions, and comprehensive business process outsourcing services, encompassing Managed IT services, Payroll Outsourcing, and QA services. Notably, they excel in modernizing applications using the Microsoft Power Platform. With a holistic approach, DMS Software Engineering also extends its proficiency to cloud solutions, empowering businesses to harness the potential of cloud technology for enhanced efficiency and growth. Their tailored, quality-driven approach showcases a deep understanding of industry nuances, establishing them as a premier partner for organizations embarking on digital transformation journeys.

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From Left: APIIT’s Erantha Gunawardena (Assistant Manager-ICT), Rajiv Weerasighe (Manager-ICT), Gamindu Hemachandra (Chief Academic Office), Bandula Egodage (Chairman), Zhongyubing (Head of Huawei Sri Lanka Cloud Business Unit), Dilshad Kitchil (Solutions Architect – Cloud & IT), DMS Software Engineering (Pvt) Ltd’s Thillaiampalam Baheerathan (Director/General Manager), Godfrey Jesukadacham (Business Development Manager – Huawei Cloud), Vijayaruban Nadarajah (Assistant General Manager) of DMS Software Engineering (Pvt) Ltd.


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