Pelwatte Dairy embarks on training program to build farmer capacities

Pelwatte Dairy, the leading local dairy brand in Sri Lanka that produces a range of dairy products and saves valuable foreign exchange, is pioneering a series of farmer training sessions in Sri Lanka that incorporates Artificial Intelligence based farming know-how, a first in Sri Lanka.

Aimed at Pelwatte Dairy’s farmer supply chain, the sessions are expected to greatly upgrade the participants’ working knowledge similar to modern global best practices of the industry.

Ariyaseela Wickremanayake, Chairman of Pelwatta Dairy elaborates: “Pelwatte Dairy regards its dairy farmers as a cornerstone of its operations. Thanks to our hardworking farmer network, we have built Pelwatte Dairy to be the industry leader it is today. An important aspect of Pelwatte Dairy’s production process is the end-to-end engagement of our farmers in various stages of production. Therefore, building their capacities is a prerequisite not only for their well-being but also for Sri Lanka’s dairy sector. Dairy farming has come a long way with modern technologies and digitalization entering the industry. Technical modernization of the dairy sector and specifically that of cattle management, are global trends today, and integrating them into their practices is something Sri Lankan dairy farmers cannot afford to miss. Modernization increases profits and productivity, and reduces inefficiencies in cattle management. Identifying individual cattle by electronic tagging, monitoring their health and treating diseases more effectively, and adjusting feed levels optimally, are some of the benefits that our farmers will accrue from such modernization efforts.”

“Initially we shall be working with 120-150 farmers in four workshops for a month. The sessions will greatly enhance their knowledge of farming best management practices. They will learn how to use modern farming technologies and most importantly, will understand use of such high-tech as Artificial Intelligence in their training, which is a first in Sri Lanka’s dairy sector. The modern tech know-how given to them during their training will include Transactional Cow Management which will show them on taking care of cows as they get older. Thereafter, they will receive training on profitable dairy development. This includes training on relevant accounting knowledge that will enable them to go beyond routine incomes to bigger profits. The training sessions will also help Pelwatte Dairy to bond with farmers better while strengthening the company’s present network relations with them.”    

In the coming weeks, Pelwatte Dairy will begin liaising with its resource providers and the farmer network to finalize arrangements for the training sessions. 


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