Mandarina Colombo launched ‘NELUM KOLE’; a dazzling new menu with authentic Sri Lankan flare

You can always count on great food from Mandarina; it’s the place to go if you’re a foodie on a budget! Now, Mandarina has once again innovated a Sri Lankan classic.

We all know about the iconic Nelum Kole meal but Mandarina has completely revamped it, you get to choose from: 3 different types of local rice, a range of 10 rich curries, 5 mouth-watering meat dishes and not to mention any condiment you could think of.

Once again Mandarina is opening its doors to their famous restaurant “On the Eleventh” along with their array of 80 rooms, each offering true relaxation.

Mandarina Colombo, launched the authentic Sri Lankan menu ‘Nelum Kole’ on the 10th of August 2020, whereby the city hotel is ready to host guests to a tantalising local lunch menu that would become a novel experience for food lovers. Guests will experience the true meaning of lunch  served on a Nelum Kole, in the midst of a star quality restaurant backdrop.

The whole new ‘NELUM KOLE’ menu promises mouthwatering cuisine. The secret of the rich flavours and their mastery in the local dishes is because of the local ingredients that are used.

In the post Covid situation, its needless to point out that not only the hospitality industry, but also a sub section of the society whose livelihoods were based upon the industry have been affected. Mandarina Colombo, as a part of the leading Sri Lankan conglomerate, Macksons Holdings is on the strong footing that our post Covid revamp mission is not only catering to the reinstatement of our hotel’s commitment towards the local food culture, but also as an avenue to give back to the society. We have initiated several attractive promotions including the new NELUM KOLE menu” informed Dinesh Hettiarachchi, General Manager, Mandarina Colombo.

Mandarina’s local suppliers are scattered around the country, this includes the raw  materials that are sourced from Kumbukgate in the North Western Province along with   daily vegetable and lotus leaves being supplied from the Colombo Suburb, Bandaragama, and many more.

“Especially through the new NELUM KOLE menu, our lunch will offer an array of  authentic local cuisine. Hence, we do believe that as a local organisation, at this context we have been able to contribute to the Sri Lankan community at our level best as a part of our CSR commitments. Furthermore, I need to add that for a Hotel, the food is the key   value addition, hence we are very proud of the quality and unique taste of the food that has been prepared by our chefs who have over 60 years of combined experience in the industry being sure to tantalize the taste buds of our guests,” added Hettiarachchi.

Drop by Mandarina Colombo and try their newly iconic “Nelum Kole” on weekdays from 12-3pm.


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