Introducing the all-new Dandex – Head & Hair range, 2-in-1 haircare solution

Dandex, a leading haircare brand from Hemas Consumer Brands, introduces Dandex – Head & Hair, an all-new range of haircare solutions especially formulated for women. Dandex- Head & Hair will be available island wide in a variety of value pack sizes and is backed by 30 years of haircare expertise. Dandex – Head & Hair is designed as a 2 in 1 solution that not only combats dandruff, but also provides healthy scalps and hair that is soft and smooth.

Dandex – Head & Hair range comes in 3 unique variants, the Power Moisture, Strong & Nourish and Healthy & Fresh. Each variant is formulated to nourish, moisturise, and clean the scalp and the hair, and caters to different consumer’s needs based on their lifestyles. Like the base variants, each variant of Dandex – Head & Hair consists of Climbazole, which is clinically proven to combat dandruff causing Malassezia. Each variant also consists of Provitamin B5 and natural extracts.

The Power Moisture variant is aimed at adding moisture and hydration to the scalp and hair roots. It contains natural extracts of olive oil and black seed, ensuring smooth and shiny hair. The Strong & Nourish variant adds nourishment and strength which ensures healthy hair and combats hair fall. The Healthy & Fresh variant gently purifies and cleanses the scalp, removing grease, bacteria, and dirt, which revives the scalp and leaves hair feeling fresh.

The Dandex – Head & Hair range is priced competitively and will be available island wide. The 80ml bottle is priced at Rs.370 and the 175ml bottle is priced at Rs.650. The packaging differs significantly from the Dandex base variants and is complimented by the brands communications which allows users clearly understand the clinical aspects and ingredients of each all-new variant.

Dandex – Head & Hair is clinically formulated by Hemas Consumer Brands to combat dandruff, moisturise, nourish, and provide super conditioning that leaves hair soft, shiny, and smooth. It is designed to cater to the consumers need of a solution that is both cosmetically effective as well as helps to combat the irritation of dandruff.



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