The Theme of the 2023 International Women’s Day Celebration – “She is the pride of the nation”

International Women’s Day is observed on annually on March 8th, with numerous events and initiatives taking place worldwide to promote women’s empowerment and well-being. In Sri Lanka, the first Women’s Day celebration was held in 1978, and every year since then, the celebration has cantered around different themes.

Despite the current social and economic challenges faced by Sri Lanka, its women continue to exhibit strength and resilience, earning respect and admiration. As such, this year’s Women’s Day celebration, themed “She is the Pride of the Nation,” is dedicated to honouring the remarkable achievements of Sri Lankan women.

The event is set to take place on March 08th, 2023, at Waters Edge in Battaramulla, graced by the presence of the Honourable President, who has taken significant steps to empower women in the country. Among the event’s highlights will be the awarding of three exceptional women who have epitomized the grace and elegance of Sri Lankan women globally and locally.

We acknowledge and appreciate the immense contributions of women to Sri Lanka’s development and believe that recognizing them will serve as an inspiration to all women in the country. The event will also recognize 25 district-wise outstanding female entrepreneurs, presenting them with gifts and certificates.

While Sri Lankan women have made significant strides in areas such as education and healthcare, we recognize that some women’s rights are still being violated, and their image is being tarnished. Therefore, the President has directed the ministry in the preparation of a long-term strategy to improve women’s conditions in Sri Lanka, which will be launched during the event.

The celebration will also showcase Sri Lanka’s rich cultural heritage, adding more colour to the occasion. It’s worth noting that no government funds will be used for the event, as we have received generous donations from UNFPA and other external parties.

Moving forward, we remain committed to empowering women in Sri Lanka and will implement more strategies and regulations to support their advancement beyond this one-day event. We firmly believe that Sri Lankan women are the pride of the nation.



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