Judging process of the most anticipated National Sales Awards by SLIM has begun

The Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM), the national body for marketing in Sri Lanka, announces that judging for the SLIM National Sales Awards 2021 has commenced and will conclude shortly. The event, formerly known as the SLIM NASCO Awards, is the most anticipated event of the year for sales representatives as it rewards high performing sales individuals in companies for their efforts on a national level.

Enoch Perera, Project Chair, shared his thoughts on the entries received: “We look forward to the outcome of the SLIM National Sales Awards 2022 as we have had a remarkable number of entries for the competition. The judging process for year 2021 entries will be concluded soon and we will be starting the judging process for year 2022. We are glad to say that we have received a higher number of entries than the past year and also a high number of new companies have entered the 2022 awards. It is inspiring to witness an increased participation of women, which is testament to the efforts taken by companies towards a gender equal sales force and increased recognition towards their contribution.”

SLIM re-designed the National Sales Awards to provide the sales force with the recognition they deserve on a national level and to take it to the international level in the forthcoming years. It recognizes individuals from over 25 different industries, enabling individuals to enter via their companies in accordance with their performance. In the current market, the sales force has become an integral part of a business, as they are vital for its growth and sustainability. It is for this reason that organizations invest heavily in sales resources, technology and infrastructure to enhance their sales force.

Sanjeewa Samarasinghe, the Head of the Judging Panel also commented: “Judging such an enormous body of work is both daunting and incredibly rewarding as it shows just how fierce the competition is within the sales fraternity. The revamped National Sales Awards greatly showcases the immense transformation within the sales fraternity and the sales profession as well. Recognition of this level also has a great impact on the careers of sales personnel, which makes this competition of significant importance to the entire sales fraternity.”



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