Pelwatte Dairy celebrates a year of achievements

Pelwatte Dairy Industries Pvt Ltd is a leading local dairy brand that specializes in milk processing, animal feed, and dairy products recently held an Employee Gathering with the forum. The main objective of the event was to evaluate and appreciate the hard work of the PDIL employees. Furthermore, during that time we celebrate with a form of appreciation for the milk Procurement department at PDIL which is in the field and back-end staff. The event also saw the announcement of several major achievements and plans for the future of the company.

Mr. Ariyaseela Wickramanayake, the Chairman of Pelwatte Dairy Industries, remarked on the significant milestone of ‘150K Achievers’ reached by the company in the past year. This alludes to the company’s capacity to collect 150,000 liters of milk per day, a colossal achievement and a great victory for Pelwatte Dairy Industries. The Senior Management GM, DGM, CFO, and Director Thilak Piyadigama also addressed the forum and explained the power of imagination in the future of the PDIL.

Mr.Ariyaseela Wickramanayake went on to address the company’s direction for the future and its primary points of focus going forward, which included, increasing the daily milk intake, exports, development of new products, expanding milk collection, and making the country self-sufficient in terms of milk.

The past year also witnessed several major achievements being made by the employees of Pelwatte Dairy Industries, who were duly recognized and appreciated at the recent employee gathering. We awarded Certificates and prizes to both employees who have devoted the most to milk procurement and who engaged in support services for milk procurement. Some of the awarded certificates included, Highest Milk Collected MCC, Highest Quality Milk Collected MCC, Effective SAPP Implementation MCC, Most Dedicated MCC in Charge, and Best Milk Collection Center.

Pelwatte Dairy Industries is a rapidly growing company in the manufacture and distribution of superior quality dairy products both in the local and international markets. Ever focused on its aim to subside the dependency of Sri Lanka on foreign companies for dairy products, Pelwatte Dairy Industries employs cutting-edge technology, a superior focus on quality, and vast experience in the industry to produce a variety of milk products that have achieved the utmost confidence and satisfaction of its customers.


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