Boutique Agency Network wins Campaign’s Agency of the Year Award

Boutique Agency Network was recently honored at the prestigious Agency of the Year Awards held by Campaign for 2022. Winning the Bronze Award under the category, ‘South Asia Boutique Agency of the Year’, Boutique Agency Network succeeded in becoming the only Sri Lankan agency to win an award in a South Asian category. This award aims to recognize agencies that have shown excellence in leadership, business performance, and the overall company culture.

Remarking on this award, Seninda Bandara, the Founder and MD of Boutique Agency Network, stated, “Everything we do at Boutique Agency Network originated in the philosophy of causality. In other words, the cause and effect. This award is an effect of the causes of our data-driven thinking, dedication, agility, disruptive work, continuous improvement, and adaptation.”

Rooted in the concept of a boutique advertising agency, Boutique Agency Network employs a dynamic team of diversified talent to create value for its clients and drive business growth. As opposed to other integrated and specialized advertising agencies, Boutique Agency Network focuses on strategy and is capable of providing more customized services to its clients.

In an effort to make the company more future-ready and in the best shape to take advantage of industry disruptions, Boutique Agency Network makes data a core part of its business. Its talented team focuses on four key areas in creating value for its customers: data science, data-driven creatives, brand management, and connections planning. With this unique mix of traditional advertising principles and the latest technologies involving AI and data science, the company has been able to satisfy a demand for more dynamic and customer-centric marketing strategies.

Aided by data-driven marketing strategies and decision-making, Boutique Agency Network has been able to produce award-winning marketing campaigns for two of its valued clients: Seylan Bank and Eno. At the prestigious Dragons of Asia Awards 2022, these two campaigns won a Silver Dragon Award for the ‘Best Cause, Charity Marketing or Public Sector Campaign’ and a Black Dragon Award for the ‘Best Brand Trial or Sales Generation Campaign’, respectively.

In a post-pandemic economy that is gradually heading towards a global recession, economic sustainability is the name of the game. Aligned with this sentiment, the company desires to position itself strongly in the ‘blue ocean’: uncontested market space with infinite potential for growth. Hence, Boutique Agency Network affirms a position alongside other businesses as a collaborator that uses its wholly unique market position to attain mutual and sustainable growth.


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