Stretchline partners with XdotO Concepts to unveil Sri Lanka’s first Smart Connected Factory

XdotO Concepts, Sri Lanka’s pioneering industry 4.0 solution provider, and Stretchline (Pvt) Ltd., the world’s largest manufacturer of narrow elasticated fabric, have joined forces to unveil Stretchline’s first-ever smart connected factory. The kick-off event for the project, “Towards a Smart Connected Factory”, was hosted by XdotO Concepts at the Movenpick Hotel, Colombo and was attended by executive leadership and project teams from both companies. 

Dilan Walgampaya, Chief Technology Officer at XdotO Concepts, commented, “Our partnership with Stretchline dates back to 2019, at which point they already had a vast knowledge of smart connected factories and were looking for partners to implement it. Their requirement blended very well with the solutions we offer. Throughout this entire project, we had a lot of support from the management teams, the engineering teams, and the technical teams, for which we are thankful. The meticulous manner in which we planned this project and each phase implemented greatly attributes to the success of this project.”

XdotO Concepts has become a trailblazer in data-driven technology over the years. The company’s ethos is to provide result-centric, industry 4.0 solutions to promote data-driven organisational culture. Stretchline’s inclination to partner with XdotO Concepts on the smart connected factory project is greatly attributed to this ethos and the fact that XdotO Concepts’ comprehensive, integrated solutions have led many organisations through their smart factory journey.

Shanaka Rabel, Chief Digital and Transformation Officer, Stretchline Group, also shared his thoughts, “From a management perspective, we have to look at what happens during and after an industrial revolution and why it occurs. It occurs when human development needs to evolve to the next step. The fourth industrial revolution, or industry 4.0, looked at machinery, human, digital and technological aspects to create a better working environment for all of us, as we needed something radically different. Stretchline’s digital journey goes hand in hand with the offerings of XdotO Concepts, and we have come a long way since we forged the partnership. It has been a great learning process so far, and we look forward to continuing this partnership in the future both locally and overseas as well.”

Duminda Hewarachchi, Director of Operations, Stretchline Group, shared his comments on the project, “This project is a splendid example of good planning, which was accomplished with great success through our partnership with XdotO Concepts. I believe that connectivity and data availability are the most important aspects of Stretchline, and as long as we have both in order, we will be on the right track. This project is not only local but global, and this partnership is definitely on the right track.”

Stretchline is the leading global brand in narrow fabrics and the world’s largest producer of crochet, woven, jacquard and printed elastic. Established in 1996, Stretchline is reputed for its innovation and design through patented products, including Fortitude bra-wire casing, LockSafe, BondeLast, Stay4Sure and more. Going forward, the smart connected factory project in partnership with XdotO Concepts will greatly enhance Stretchline’s manufacturing plants in Sri Lanka, China, Indonesia, Mexico, Honduras, USA and UK.  

Image captions:

(Left to Right) Niroshan Wallahagolla – General Manager Operations, Stretchline | Iroshana Ekanayake – Director of Projects, XdotO | Dilan Walgampaya – Chief Technology Officer, XdotO | Shanaka Rabel – Group Chief Digital & Transformation Officer, Stretchline | Niroshan Samarasinhe – Chief Executive Officer SL, COO South Asia, Stretchline | Indika Karunaratne – Chief Executive Officer, XdotO | Asitha Iroshana – Chief Operating Officer, XdotO | Dulantha Balasooriya – Director of Business Operations, XdotO | Duminda Hewarachchi – Director of Operations, Stretchline
The dynamic team of XdotO and Stretchline at the kick-off event of “Towards a Smart Connected Factory” project

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