Asia Pacific Technology Systems introduces the fully enhanced MAMMATUS cloud platform to provide affordable cloud services to Sri Lankan industries

Technology maverick Asia Pacific Technology Systems recently introduced MAMMATUS, a highly versatile public cloud platform with an offering on par to that of the much more expensive global counterparts. The development, a testament to local talent and commitment is introduced to the market at a most fitting time when affordability along with reliability is of great importance to Sri Lankan industries given the deep economic crisis that businesses are grappling with at present. APTS, an organisation always working towards the greater good of the society designed and developed MAMMATUS with the company’s vision of doing the “right things for the right reasons”. MAMMATUS offers a wide range of services for customers to provide cloud platform services and to ease operations and drive innovation over the internet. Organizations looking to innovate and upgrade despite challenging times can now do so without having to worry about the foreign currency constraints and no compromise on quality.

In this highly evolving digital age, an organisation’s IT infrastructure plays a significant role in decision making, operational prowess and productivity. This is why most organisations have their own data centres in place to maintain its business operations. However, operating a data centre is no easy task as it involves high capital expenditure (CAPEX) for the IT infrastructure, staff recruitment, continuity plans and more. IT infrastructure includes firewalls, network switches and corporate VPN or MPLS networks and investment in these solutions is necessary to meet the uninterrupted services that clients require, conveniently. The locally based MAMMATUS public cloud platform is offered on an operational expenditure (OPEX) model removing the need for large cash outlays and other fixed resource requirements. It provides comprehensive, reliable, secure and scalable infrastructure and caters to a modern and rapid workload, while adhering to established industry standards and the best practices on industry-leading products such as Cisco, Dell, VMware and more.

Namal Senaratna, Founder & Managing Director of Asia Pacific Technology Systems (Pvt) Ltd. shared his thoughts on the MAMMATUS platform: “The MAMMATUS cloud platform is inspired by global innovations but with local need sensitivity at its core. It’s a part of our vision to deliver the best possible IT solutions to our customers and we are happy to provide our clientele with an affordable, locally based cloud platform that is on par with the industry standards so that they can focus on what is important to them while serving their customers”.

MAMMATUS is designed to provide easy, affordable lift-and-shift mitigation, storage, backup and recovery. The platform also provides high-performance computing services like Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), Disaster Recovery as a service (DRaaS), Backup as a service (BaaS), Storage as a service (STaaS) and Firewall as a service (FWaaS). As per the Central Bank compliance, organisations must maintain an active-passive or active-active secondary data centres within a 50km radius, which require a large investment and MAMMATUS eliminates the need for such a costly investment. In this short period of introduction, numerous local organisations have already adopted the MAMMATUS platform and successfully completed digital transformations and set up operational IT infrastructure.

APTS prides itself in providing its clients with end-to-end solutions and caters to the requirements of businesses of any size across multiple industries including education, manufacturing, health & medical and telecommunications. APTS has consistently met the requirements of clients based on innovative thinking, drawing on all resources and now, the addition of MAMMATUS will help further enhance APTS’s products and services, to cater to even more industrial and individual needs, especially in the fields of data management and security across multiple platforms.



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