Velvet Body Wash relaunched in three new variants with Hydraboost technology for moisturization

When choosing skin care solutions, products with moisturizing properties are excellent products to incorporate into daily skin care routines. Moisturization is a key component that helps to keep the skin healthy and protect the youthfulness in skin. It is vital to look for skin care products with moisturizing properties especially considering the warm and humid climate in a country like Sri Lanka. Today’s women are conscious of the quality of the products, product ingredients and the benefits each product brings to their skin care routines. Products that cater to the budget while having a mix of skin friendly ingredients that help achieve a soft and healthy skin, are what women choose from.

The new Velvet body wash range, relaunched with three unique variants with the addition of hydraboost technology for providing extra moisturization and long lasting hydration to the skin. The moisturizing properties in Velvet body wash ensure a soft, supple and bouncy skin while also minimizing skin dryness and dullness. The body wash range comes in three variants: Black Orchid & Hibiscus, Wild Rose & Cherry Blossom and Vanilla & Shea Butter. The dual ingredients in each variant provide added skin care benefits and offer long lasting fragrances, helping women to stay fresh all day.

Velvet body wash is manufactured adhering to the best possible health and safety standards and are clinically proven to be non-irritant on skin. Hence, the product is recommended as safe to use several times a day and the thickness of the Body Wash liquid ensures more washes from a single bottle. Strengthened by a comprehensive portfolio of soap, hand wash, body lotion and body wash, Velvet has a rich history of catering to the skin care needs of Sri Lankan women. Velvet products are fabricated with Hydrasoft technology, which locks in moisture to provide soft and well-hydrated skin. As a truly Sri Lankan brand that understands the skin care needs of Sri Lankan women, Velvet provides time-tested skin care solutions to suit all local skin types.

Velvet is renowned for providing the best skin care, whilst paying attention to the health and safety of consumers. The ‘’safety for skin’’ credentials in Velvet products are a true testament to the brand’s focus on providing healthy products. The new body wash range has claimed the IFRA, ISO and GMP certifications further reassuring the years of trust Velvet has to offer to its loyal consumers. As a brand, which is closer to the hearts of women, Velvet is committed to providing the best skin care benefits to help maintain their skin beauty.


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