Going Beyond The Basics! Smartphones Have Become Accessories That Are Powered By AI

Smartphones have progressed in leaps and bounds over time in response to shifting consumer perceptions, evolving into the true multi-functional devices we carry in our hands today. Remember the times when phones were created too large and cumbersome to carry around in a pocket or purse? Or when this huge device could only produce low-res images? Back in the early days mobile phones’ sole purpose was for calling other people whilst on the move and carried big batteries to support users throughout the day and help them with most of their tasks. Soon after, the ability to click pictures and other facilities were introduced. Since then, smartphone users have never settled for less and compromised with what they want and need when it comes to purchasing a smartphone.

Personalised technology for making a statement

Professional-quality pictures can now be captured with pocket-sized devices thanks to the introduction of smart cameras. AI-powered smart features enable smart phones to precisely identify the environment and automatically enhance the photographs by eliminating noise, correcting light, sharpening the subject and removing any unwanted or blurry elements in the frame. The smartphone uses artificial intelligence algorithm to analyze and identify the background and recognize people and objects. It further suggests various modes and features like blur to make the subject stand out and drastically improve the scene.

vivo, the global technology brand, with its commitment towards “customer-centric innovation” is leading  by offering AI camera technology in their smartphone portfolio across their affordable and premium series. The AI Camera algorithm distinguishes the subject from the background and provides multiple inbuilt preset scenes including Sunset, Macro, Landscape, Portrait, and others that intelligently predict the environment based on the lighting and other factors and implements the settings accordingly, helping the users to capture the moment perfectly in a single shot.

Premium aesthetics with luxurious design language

The global smartphone brand is often seen in the news for the device’s terrific camera and design features which seem to have captured the hearts of smartphone enthusiasts. All vivo smartphones stand in terms of its ethereal design and exquisite features.

vivo has pioneered this sleek design, ensuring that the best of technologies are fitted into a thin and stylish body. Case in point is when in 2012 vivo launched the world’s thinnest smartphone at the time of its release: X1 which was only 6.55mm thick. It was also the world’s first to put a dedicated Hi-Fi quality audio chip in a smartphone. Then again in 2014, vivo released X5Max with 4.75mm in thickness. It remains the world’s thinnest phone until now.

With such interesting outlooks, incredible features and a jaw-dropping designs, vivo sure has caught everyone’s attention with their devices. We know the brand will only go upwards from here on!


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