Pelwatte Celebrates Sinhala and Tamil New Year with #HaridheEkkaAluthWenna Competition!

The nation’s first choice when it comes to dairy products, Pelwatte recently concluded its #HaridheEkkaAluthWenna Sinhala and Tamil New Year themed competition. The Campaign lasted from the 10th of April to the 20th of April 2022 with dozens of participants from all over the island submitted their Avurudu Themed food and dessert items that have been crafted with the use of Pelwatte Dairy Products.

Participants submitted pictures of their dishes via the Pelwatte Facebook Page under the comment section in the #HaridheEkkaAluthWenna Competition post. Participants had to first like the Pelwatte Facebook page to be eligible before they could make any submissions. The interesting part about this competition is that participants were encouraged to share their recipes as they submitted a photo of their dishes made with Pelwatte Dairy products. The goal here was not only to inspire customers to be creative, but to also share knowledge of different recipes that could be used especially with Pelwatte Dairy products.

Being a truly Sri Lankan Brand, Pelwatte not only plays a part in the production of its dairy goods but also in the use of its products. Commenting on the occasion, Managing Director of Pelwatte Dairies Mr. Akmal Wickramanayake remarked “As a responsible brand, we not only go above and beyond the extent of providing the best in quality but we also want to ensure that customers are delighted with our products as they put it in to use, therefore a campaign such as the Haridhe Ekka Aluth Wenna program enables a knowledge bank of recipes with regards to Milk based products for the Sinhala and Tamil New Year”.

He further extended his wishes for the new Sinhala and Tamil New Year saying “The last few years have not been the easiest. However, Pelwatte will continue its responsibility towards the people and organize events such as the above to make our loyal customers smile and indulge in positivity through tough times. With that, on behalf of everyone at Pelwatte from our farms to our factories and partners, I would like to wish you all a very happy Sinhala and Tamil New Year.”

Keeping in line with the above, pictures of traditional dishes that were prepared for the Sinhala and Tamil New Year by participants were submitted in the dozens. Participants were seen arranging the dishes in a very creative way with colourful spreads of Coconut Toffee, Milk Toffee, Kavum, Kokis and several other delightful dishes. It was not only a colourful, knowledgeable comment section but it also gave a sense of unity where participants were more than happy to share recipes and help each other. The competition concluded on the 20th of April 2022 with the following winners: Taniya Dunuwila, Kumudini Elapatha, Dushanthi Lakmi, Subodha Jayamini, MA Priyangani, Thilini Achala Peiris, Ramila Udesh, Sarani Fernando and Arosha N Nethma.

Pelwatte warmly invites everyone to go to the #HaridheEkkaAluthWenna hashtag on Facebook and explore the various dishes and their recipes that participants have prepared and shared so that everyone can enjoy these dishes at home using Pelwatte products. All dishes that were crafted are a true testament to the quality and effectivity of Pelwatte Dairy Products.


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