~The new campaign celebrates the confidence and self-belief of the Sri Lankan youth~

One Word. Four Letters. A million believers – SWAG. This summer, Pepsi® is all set to inspire the youth of Sri Lanka with its new campaign that reiterates its SWAG philosophy. The youth has never been more confident. How they do anything, is how they do everything. And right now, they’re doing everything with swag. It is this spirit of the new generation that Pepsi® celebrates in its ‘#Pepsi Ekka Swag’ campaign this summer.

The TVC opens in a college canteen where a student is seen getting his food and a chilled bottle of Pepsi® from the reception. In exchange of the currency the student gives, the canteen manager hands him toffees as change. Again!? Says the student and the manager lets out a sheepish smile of victory. Taking a sip of SWAG from his Pepsi® bottle the student smiles and asks the manager to wait while he arranges the change for him. Looking at all his friends with confidence, the student asks them for their change for the manager. In no time, every student lines up to create a pile of toffees as change for the manager. The student looks at the manager to reiterate what confidence and fresh thinking can do – converting the manager to the SWAG movement as the student takes a swig of his chilled Pepsi®.

Speaking on the launch, Naseeb Puri, Senior Marketing Director, Flavours, Sri Lanka Region, PepsiCo, said, Pepsi, as a brand which has always resonated with the voice of today’s generation. This summer Pepsi is acknowledging and celebrating a word that defines today’s millennials’ – SWAG. ‘#Pepsi Ekka Swag’ is all about living in the moment, seizing new, interesting opportunities, and doing it all with swag. We are confident that the campaign will be loved by the youth of Sri Lanka for its progressive approach to truly reflect the self-belief of today’s generation.”

The new Pepsi® TVC will be amplified via robust 360-degree campaign spanningTV, digital, outdoor, and social media.  Pepsi® is available in single serve and multi serve packs across all modern and traditional retail outlets in Sri Lanka, as well as on leading e-commerce platforms.  

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