Spectra Logistics celebrates International Women’s Day 2022

Spectra Logistics, a leading end-to-end logistics solutions provider in Sri Lanka and a joint venture between McLarens Group and GAC Sri Lanka, celebrated International Women’s Day 2022 with an event dedicated to the empowerment of women in the organization. The inspiring Ms. Pushpa Ramyani De Soysa, Chief Nurse of the National Hospital and ‘Sri Lanka’s Most Popular Woman’, brought colour to the event, sharing her experiences and thoughts, as the Chief Guest of the ceremony.

In his opening address, Mr. Ravi Edirisinghe, Managing Director of Spectra Logistics, highlighted the need to encourage the empowerment of women in modern day society. He said, “As an organization, it is important that we do what we can to inspire our staff. This event is dedicated to the women in our workforce. We hope to inspire and empower them in their journey – to encourage them to never give up on their goals and to face every challenge with confidence and strength; and to show that we at Spectra Logistics will support them through every step of their journey.”

Chief Guest Ms. Pushpa Ramyani De Soysa, also shared her inspirational story and her opinion on the importance of empowering women in modern contexts. She also shared her comments about the event, “I am honoured to be invited as the Chief Guest by Spectra Logistics and join the celebration of women in the workforce. This is a truly inspiring event, and I am grateful to be able to share my story with the women in Spectra Logistics.”

In her motivating speech, Ms. Shehara De Silva, Group Managing Director of McLarens Group and a dynamic business leader in the industry beseeched, “Women, let’s support each other to take on the patrichacial society we live in, by lifting each other up that we will all rise. Never fail to stand up for another woman when she is treated unfairly. To all my female colleagues, I give you my assurance that I will support you in your journey. Be strong, be steadfast and be the best at what you do. Find your passion and purpose behind what you do and that will get you past the days you feel like giving up. Knowing why you do what you do, and reminding yourself of your ultimate goals will help you succeed despite all the challenges you face. Work hard and work smart, as this is essential for success.”

The event featured some entertaining acts, performed by the female team members of Spectra Logistics. The ceremony ended with the announcement of the winners of the International Women’s Day competition. The winners were rewarded with prizes and souvenirs, followed by a vote of thanks by Mr. Thushara Jayasuriya, Chief Executive Officer of Spectra Logistics. The ceremony indeed portrayed the company’s greater purpose of empowering and celebrating the women team members on a daily basis.   


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Chief Guest Ms. Pushpa Ramyani De Soysa, addressing the gathering


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