Solex, the dominant force in Water Pump industry yet again stepped forward with a major corporate project in the remote village of Gothameegama, Katharagama. This project is yet another milestone in the organizations concern towards the society and helping the underprivileged with the most essential item- “clean drinking water”.

Gothameegama is a remote village situated about 7 KMs away from Katharagama city where over 500 families live with low and inconsistent sources of income. In this village, there was no consistent accessibility to clean water and consumption of contaminated water was a common scenario. For this project, a Solex Tube-well was donated and installed wherea total depth of 200 feet was digged in order to find a natural water source as it is an extremely dry area.

The project was initiated by Dr. Sandini Wijayasiri, Director Branding/ Mass Media of Solex Group of Companies, who sawthe gap in supply of water to the community of Gothameegama which was indeed a need that prevailed over a long period of time. This project was done amidst the most challenging time period where the Pandemic of Covid-19 was a serious concern and organizing such a project was at extreme high risk to all employees who were involved.

The water project was ceremoniously handed over to people in Gothameegama by Dr. Sandini Wijayasiri with the blessings of Ven. Kapugama Saranatissa- NayakaThero of Abinawarama Temple Katharagamaand Ven. Kedellaketiye Pemarathana Thero. It is also to be mentioned about the approvals granted by Hon. State Minister Shasheendra Rajapaksa.

Elaborating on the project Dr. Wijayasiri added. “To commence the project we appreciate the approvals given by Hon. Shasheendra Rajapaksa. To complete the project successfully we appreciate the support of Mr. Chanaka Amila Ruwan, President- Pradeshiya Sabha Kataragama and Mr. Harsha Wanniarachchi. I greatly value the effort by my team of Solex employees during challenging times of Covid-19 pandemic. During the pandemic, one of the safest ways to be healthy is being hygienic and now water is more essential than ever to us. We as a company, once a year will supply water to rural areas hopefully with the support of officials holding higher authority to help our citizens gain more accessibility to clean drinking water.”

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Image 1 – The project being officially handed over to people of Gothameegama.


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