Guaranteed peace of mind when selling your Luxury European Vehicle with DIMO CERTIFIED

DIMO CERTIFIED, the pre-owned vehicle sales arm of DIMO, one of the leading conglomerates in Sri Lanka, now offers the most convenient way for European Luxury vehicle owners to sell their vehicle with peace of mind, together with the trust placed on DIMO as a Sri Lankan brand for over 80 years. DIMO constantly strives to pay gratitude to the clients’ trust placed on the brand by continuing to offer the best with utmost care to the valued clientele. On the other hand, when selling your luxury European vehicle, it is assured that the best value for the vehicle is derived with DIMO’s trusted valuations along with guaranteed peace of mind during the transactions.

Over the years, Mercedes-Benz, Jeep and Chrysler owners enjoyed an exceptional service when selling their pre-owned vehicles and now corporates as well as individuals will have the opportunity to experience the eight decades of trust and expertise of DIMO when they sell their luxury European vehicle.

DIMO CERTIFIED provides any customer the opportunity to both sell and buy a pre-owned luxury vehicle that includes a wide selection of Mercedes-Benz, Chrysler, and Jeep SUVs as well as other Luxury European vehicle brands registered after 2010. With DIMO CERTIFIED, the customer is always in DIMO’s safe hands with the assurance that the vehicle is in the original condition as it is presented from the time of inspection to delivery, as promised.

Traditionally, selling a registered vehicle is a time-consuming process which requires a significant effort from the seller. After posting the ads about the vehicle for sale on various platforms, the vehicle owner has to answer many phone calls from potential buyers, brokers and also from individuals who simply want to check the current price of vehicles in the market with no interest in actually purchasing a vehicle. Some would also want to visit the seller to inspect the vehicle, which is a significant health risk given that the COVID-19 virus is spreading at an alarming rate in the country. However, by reaching out to DIMO CERTIFIED, individuals interested in selling their Luxury European vehicles can avoid such hassles as DIMO’s professional service guarantees peace of mind. DIMO CERTIFIED’s professional valuation team with vast experience in handling world-renowned luxury automobile brands including Mercedes-Benz, Chrysler and Jeep will provide the most accurate and trustworthy buy back price for your vehicle.

A comprehensive vehicle check is carried out at DIMO 800 for Mercedes-Benz, Chrysler and Jeep brands which are imported and maintained by DIMO while other European brands are evaluated at DIMO AutoLab, the dedicated DIMO after sales service centre designed to cater to other European automobile brands. This is to ensure that DIMO CERTIFIED is able to buy back only the well-maintained luxury European vehicles with genuine mileage, for resale under the prestigious DIMO CERTIFIED brand. Above all, DIMO CERTIFIED also offers customers the unique benefit of selling the vehicle to DIMO without having to purchase another vehicle from DIMO itself.

Where the ‘buy back’ price is concerned, DIMO CERTIFIED is always able to offer sellers the best value for the vehicle as there are no third parties involved in the process. DIMO also understands that one of the key barriers faced by vehicle owners when selling their luxury vehicle is the pending lease payment commitment to financial institutions. DIMO has revolutionized the vehicle industry by taking on the responsibility to settle all outstanding lease payments directly, thereby releasing the vehicle owner from an additional financial burden, while also enabling a smooth sales process. Moreover, in order to ensure the safety of the registered owner, the vehicle ownership is transferred to the new owner immediately after the completion of the sale. This mitigates the risks of handing over the vehicle on open papers to unknown parties which may lead to legal burdens to the registered owner even after months or years after sale of the vehicle. 

Tharanga Gunawardena – General Manager (DIMO CERTIFIED Pre-Owned Vehicles) of DIMO stated, “As a reputed entity in the automobile industry with a rich history of over 80 years, DIMO has consistently offered innovative solutions in keeping with our customer-centric approach. We elevated our pre-owned vehicle sales business by revamping it as ‘DIMO CERTIFIED’ in 2020 where we added many new services to redefine the automobile sector in Sri Lanka. With our unparalleled expertise in the automobile sector, we are able to offer the most comprehensive service with trusted valuation and hassle-free, peace of mind transactions to our valued customers.”

The website CarsatDIMO ( provides a user-friendly platform for facilitating vehicle buyback processes with minimum hassle. DIMO is known as a brand that firmly keeps its promise to offer the best and an authentic service to the valued clientele, thereby a dedicated 24-hour hotline 077 244 97 97 has been made available for customers to contact DIMO CERTIFIED to clear any doubts about the buyback process.



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