In Mutuality and Solidarity with Every Sri Lankan as One

Amana Takaful Insurance – Sri Lanka’s homegrown and pioneering insurance provider – has carried out several community initiatives within the past few weeks, in the spirit of upholding its core mission, commitment and responsibility, towards mutuality and solidarity amidst these trying times.

Staying true to its very essence and pledge to protect all Sri Lankans, Amana Takaful Insurance has extended its support to several individuals and families who have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as those affected by the recent flooding due to monsoon rains. The series of CSR initiatives kick started with the company donating vital medical equipment and supplies – including PPE Kits and Non-Rebreather Masks – to Base Hospital Mawanella and Kegalle General Hospital, contributing to the country’s fight against COVID-19.

Shortly after, in commemoration of World Blood Donor Day that is observed on 14June each year, Amana Takaful Insurance partnered with National Blood Transfusion Service Sri Lanka (NBTS) to pay gratitude to all blood donors who visited the National Blood Centre – for their selfless act despite the ongoing pandemic and adverse weather conditions. Refreshments were provided for every donor who visited the facility.

Subsequently, Amana Takaful Insurance also offered financial assistance to over 200 families in the Wellampitiya area – primarily targeting daily wage earners whose families have been adversely impacted by the travel restrictions and the torrential floods alike. The event witnessed the participation of the Wellampitiya residents along with the religious leaders of the community. Additionally, Amana Takaful Insurance sponsored essential food items and dry rations that were distributed by St. Carmel Church Palliyawatta to the flood victims of Wattala.

All in all, Amana Takaful Insurance has been able to reach out and contribute to the lives of over 500 families within the month of June.

Commenting on the company’s recent social endeavors, Chief Sales Officer of Amana Takaful Insurance, Suresh Basnayake stated: “The very essence of Amana Takaful Insurance is to be there for every Sri Lankan, as one. In fact, the word ‘Takaful’ translates to mean ‘guarantee each other (against loss or damage)’. That is the very principle on which we, as a company, operate. Caring for our communities has always been, and will always be our priority, and we will forever strive to uplift the less fortunate and help our fellow Sri Lankans in need. When we made a commitment ‘To Every Sri Lankan as One’ earlier this year with a refreshed brand identity, we pledged to see it through in the spirit of mutuality and solidarity.”

Having served the nation for over two decades, Amana Takaful Insurance continues to be driven by its strong vision to provide peace of mind through world-class insurance solutions. It remains highly committed to its core values of Customer-centricity, Open-mindedness, Quality and Diversity, and continually seeks to add value to all its stakeholders. Amana Takaful Insurance offers a complete range of Life and General insurance solutions, inclusive of tailor-made health insurance policies, that are well-suited for all segments of the Sri Lankan society.

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