Multilac Honors Top Performing Business Partners at 2021 Dealers Conference

Macksons Paints Lanka, Sri Lanka’s pioneering paint manufacturer for over 40 years, hosted its 2021 Dealer Conference for the dealers of Multilac, one of the country’s leading home-grown paint brands, from the Northern Province on 18 March at the Valampuri Hotel in Jaffna. The event saw Multilac distributors from the province being recognized for their commitment and relentless efforts towards bringing greater fame and success to Multilac.

Attending the event, Dr. Ali Ahlam Nawaz, Group General Manager Marketing and Projects, Macksons Paints Lanka Limited joined Sajjaad Saliheen , Chief Executive Officer, Macksons Paints Lanka Limited; alongside Abdul Fattah, Regional Sales Manager, Macksons Paints Lanka Limited and other senior representatives from Multilac in honoring the award-winning distributors and expressing the company’s gratitude to them at the event.

Thanking the distributors, members of Macksons management team outlined the challenges faced by Multilac while emphasizing upon the company’s upcoming plans to overcome them as well as its ambitious vision for the brand at the event. They also spoke about how the company’s strong fundamentals and stable business model have helped it win the confidence of the market and build long-term brand value.

Distributors were honored under several awards categories at this forum. M. S. Nazaruddin from City Hardware won the first prize in the Gold Awards category for the Northern Province, Kandavelan Traders’ K. Niranjan came in second and Vamanan Paint Center’s A. Vamanan was ranked third. In the Silver Awards category, Vavuniya Hardware’s H. M. Saleem bagged the first place. The second and third places were awarded to D. Sudarshan of Ganeshan Hardwares and H. M. Ziad of Royal Hardware, respectively. S. Dayaparan of Hare Krishna Hardware came in first in the Bronze Awards category with S. Sumanraj of Suman Hardware and Electricals and M. Satish Kumar of Vigneswara Paints and Electricals being ranked second and third, respectively.

Speaking at the event, Dr. Ali Ahlam Nawaz, Group General Manager Marketing and Projects, Macksons Paints Lanka Limited stated, “I am delighted to welcome you to this forum that seeks to honor our most valued partners – our distributors – who have been instrumental in shaping the commercial success of our world-class range of Multilac brand paints. Being locally manufactured by Macksons Paints Lanka, we have earned a unique position of pride for Multilac paints in the marketplace. Your commitment, persistence and hard work together with the confidence you have in our products and the initiative you show in taking our products to consumers have been the key driving force behind Multilac’s strong enduring success.

Alongside this, we would also like to acknowledge your efforts as the significant dividend is in uplifting the nation’s economy. We believe that it is through the people of our great nation that we as one family continue to strive.”

Further emphasizing on Multilac’s growth, Dr. Ali Nawaz noted that “Multilac is the only world-class paint brand / one of very few world-class paint brands in Asia to be manufactured using environmentally friendly raw materials, without any chemicals. Distributors place their trust in our quality products and take them to consumers. This has helped our products win several awards in the market. However, we witnessed lower demand for our products and sluggish sales during our early days in the Northern Province. This was primarily due to the lack of awareness about our products amongst consumers. The commitment and hard work put forward by each of you, our valuable partners, together with your sound product knowledge and effective marketing strategy, have helped our products earn the trust and regards of the consumers in the province, within a short period of time.”

“Our Premier Paints range in particular, which used to be one of our lowest selling product lines in the Jaffna district, has now emerged as one of our top sellers in the district. I would like to take this opportunity to honor and thank you on behalf of our company for having played a major role in shaping our success,” he added.

Sajjaad Saliheen, Chief Executive Officer said, “I have been a part of the company’s operations in the North only since 2020. We had very few customers at that time and our sales was also low. Consumers in the North were more interested in purchasing high quality products. Hence, we have been working tirelessly with our teams to take our Premier Paints range to consumers and also rapidly deliver a wide range of value added, paint related solutions to both distributors and consumers. My goal is to establish Multilac as the leader amongst high quality paints in the Northern Province. We look forward to working together with our teams and distributors and offering all needed support to ensure that we achieve our goals.

Macksons Paints Lanka Pvt. Ltd is Sri Lanka’s largest paint exporter and market leader in the Colour Bank segment. The company exports products to well-established markets in India, Maldives, China, Australia, Myanmar, Seychelles and today occupies a niche market as the provider of quality customized paint solutions for a range of painting needs, having won several prestigious awards for quality and innovation over the past decade.

Macsons Paints Lanka has been awarded the Quality Management System (QMS), Sri Lanka Standards (SLS) and ISO 9001:2008 certifications. The company continues to develop and roll out innovative products and solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of the people. Not only that, Multilac has been rewarded with the Lead Safe certification from IPEN America, the international pollutants elimination network, which is a global network of NGOs dedicated to the common aim of eliminating pollutants such as lead in paint.

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