Sadaharitha Offers Customers Rewards for Trust at its ‘Trust Rewarded’ Ceremony

Sadaharitha Plantations Limited – pioneer in the Green Investment sector and leader in commercial forestry in Sri Lanka – creates history in the country’s Agarwood industry at the ceremony themed ‘Trust Rewarded’, on the 03rd of March at Cinnamon Grand Hotel Colombo. The event was graced by the presence of Mr. Sathis Nawarathna – Chairman of the Sadaharitha Group, who is also a pioneer and veteran in introducing commercial forestry as a source of foreign exchange to Sri Lanka.

Sadaharitha repurchased the Agarwood harvest from its customers, upon the completion of their tenure, by rewarding them with dividends. The grand ceremony was successfully conducted adhering to all the COVID-19 precautions. Sadaharitha – the first company to introduce Agarwood as a commercial forestry-based investment – offered its dividends to the customers who purchased spots in their first-ever plantation in Neboda.

As the forerunner in Commercial Forestry in Asia, Sadaharitha had proved to be a sustainable and secure investment avenue. The company has tied up with over 35,000 investors, offering them all high returns while ensuring support to conserve the country’s forest cover. It has nurtured the trust of its customers for nearly two decades while offering maximum profits matched by none.

The ‘Trust Rewarded’ event was one where the investors – those who had invested in the Agarwood projects Seven years ago – were offered a value of LKR 50,000 which was double the amount that the company had promised as liability upon completion of the harvest. It is notable that there is an annual return of 22.4% which is substantially higher than any other financial institution.

Sadaharitha Agarwood – the only stable Sri Lankan brand in the global Agarwood market – is constantly committed in providing the highest quality Agarwood to the rest of the world. Its commendable research and development division together with its expert staff produce high quality agave through technology and innovation. Sadaharitha Plantation has also been named amongst the top 10 companies in the global agarwood market based on international research reports on world market behavior.

Sadaharitha Agarwood is the only Sri Lankan brand that’s currently making its mark in the Global Agarwood Market. The brand has been committed in producing the highest quality of Agarwood. This has primarily been possible due to Sadaharitha’s dedicated exclusive research and development division along with its valued experts who have paved the way to produce the highest quality Agarwood through extensive research and the implementation of world-class technology and innovation. Sadaharitha Plantations being ranked amongst the top 10 companies in the global Agarwood market is a testament to this promise and quality. The supportive reports have been derived through international research on patterns and market behaviour over a period of 10 years.

Addressing the gathering at the event, Mr. Sathis Nawarathna stated: “I am incredibly pleased to see this important day unfold into reality, as this is the day we buy the harvest off our investors while being able to deliver higher returns – much more than what was promised. Right from the inception and introduction of Agarwood to Sri Lanka, we have long planned to bring in foreign exchange to the country, strengthening local investors, and to protect and preserve nature. And as a company, I can confidently say that we are delivering the very best to our customers.”

“Our customers have been with us for over 19 years and this is a true reflection of the ‘trust’ that we have won, nurtured and strengthened over the years. Further fortifying our stance, we remain highly and continuously committed in providing the highest returns through innovative technology and extensive research and development,” he added. Mr. Nawarathna also took a moment to thank the customers who had placed their trust in the company.

Also speaking at the occasion Dr. Pradeep Edward – the Executive Director and CEO of Sadaharitha Plantations, said that: “The Sadaharitha Group – is a pioneer in the commercial forestry of Agarwood –and has ensured to catalyze the highest market value. The international markets require Agarwood of the highest quality and our threshold of being able to produce and supply the products directly to those markets allow us to reward the investors with the highest profit return ratios in the forestry and investment industry. We believe that this will be a sustainable and reliable source of income for our customers and a major stakeholder in the foreign exchange earnings for the country.”

Mr.Jayampathy Mirando, Director, Sales and Marketing, Sadaharitha Group, commenting on the occasion said, “I take this opportunity to thank all our 35,000 customers, who are valued very much. We have been able to offer dividends for the first time in the history of Sri Lanka primarily due to being able to provide a reliable and cordial service to our customers. We are committed to further strengthen that trust and providing superior services to our customers in the time to come.”

Photo caption: Mr. Sathis Navaratne, Chairman- Sadaharitha Group


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