Huawei Founder Zhengfei optimistic on new Biden administration

Huawei founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei has expressed fresh hopes on February 9 on the new US administration. Making his first public remarks since the change of administration in Washington, CEO Zhengfei said he’d welcome a phone call from U.S. President Joe Biden.

“I would welcome such phone calls and the message is around joint development and shared success” said an upbeat Ren addressing a press briefing at the opening of Huawei’s new lab in Taiyuan, in the northern Shanxi province on February 9.

The new Huawei lab is focused on bringing technology to the mining industry.

Expressing his optimism founder Ren said: “We have more means to overcome the difficulties. If Huawei’s production capacity can be expanded, that would mean more opportunities for U.S. companies to supply too. I believe that’s going to be mutually beneficial. I believe that (the) new administration would bear in mind such business interests as they are about to decide their new policy. We still hope that we can buy in large volume American materials components as well as equipment so that we can all benefit from China’s growth.”

Huawei’s revenue for 2019 totaled $122.97 billion while net profit came in at US $ 9 billion.


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