EMUI 11 brings Huawei tablet users a more intuitive experience than ever

With its debut at the HUAWEI DEVELOPER CONFERENCE 2020 (Together), Huawei’s EMUI 11 offers a nicer UI, more intuitive interaction, better device integration and more. As it starts rolling out to a wide range of Huawei devices in December 2020, the EMUI 11 update is coming soon to Huawei tablets as well. Today, let’s take a closer look and find out how EMUI 11 benefits Huawei tablet users.

To average tablet users, how it looks and feels would be their biggest focus on the new EMUI. Most of them are using a Huawei tablet on a daily basis. Watching films and TV shows, playing games or sketching are among the tablets’ most popular use cases. And every single tap, slide and touch has an effect on the overall enjoyment. Therefore, Huawei based EMUI 11’s design on human factors research to present not only improved visuals but also streamlined interaction experience in most popular use scenarios.

With EMUI 11, Huawei tablets will support Long-take Animation, inspired by the long-take cinematography technique. But what good does it do to Huawei tablet users? The answer is Long-take Animation can help users focus better on the task at hand and find what they need more easily, as it creates a smoother transition effect for the shared content or areas in the foreground and background of the app interfaces. One of the most common scenarios is that when you are browsing photos on a tablet, you might get distracted and forget where you were. Subtle as it might seem, EMUI 11’s Long-take Animation allows you to better focus while switching pages, making it easier for you to spot what you are looking for.

Actually, the EMUI 11 also supports more intuitive interaction with gesture navigation on Huawei tablets. On top of the previous spring/damping effects, Huawei adopts a new “spring engine” on EMUI 11 to make every touch feel more realistic. For instance, after finishing a film on the tablet, you are going back to an eBook app in the background to read on. With a simple slide, the background apps including the eBook app will be displayed on the screen. When you keep sliding to search for the app you need, the gap between apps will be adjusted for a more realistic cushioning effect in response to the momentum of your slide. There also will be a natural pause swiping effect of about 16ms, so that you can feel the “weight” of the apps as well as the fluidity throughout the process.

Many users love to browse photo albums and watch videos on Huawei tablets as they provide a larger display area. With the EMUI 11 update, browsing photos on a tablet is more pleasing now. Previously, to return to the previous photo or video, you had to move your finger to the edge of the display. Now, you can simply swipe down to browse the previous media in the Gallery app, which is more convenient and easier. What’s more, when you swipe harder, the cushioning effect will be stronger, as if you were browsing a real photo album. How about making a pinch with two fingers to zoom in or out? Instead of using rigid resizing animations, EMUI 11 brings spring effects on the corners of the photo, making it more vibrant the moment you release your fingers to resize the photo.

With EMUI 11, your Huawei tablet adds visual enjoyment to your charging experience as well. When it is plugged in, a 3D melting ball will appear on the tablet screen, showing the charging status of the device. This charging bubble design is inspired by the physics concept of dynamic buoyancy and created through a multi-stage design process from particle emitter effects to melting ball effect, material design, light effects and animation creation. Without having to first unlock the device, you can see how much the tablet is charged to with just one glance.

If you often use Huawei tablets for various workloads including document editing, calculation, design and many other, you may be also curious about how EMUI 11’s improved Multi-screen Collaboration, Multi-window, would help you boost productivity and unleash your creativity. Don’t forget to check out the new Notepad features for incredible note taking experience, too! Haven’t you updated your Huawei tablet to EMUI 11 yet? Get the EMUI 11 update now and explore more on your tablet!


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