Pelwatte Dairy products now available at Sri Lanka’s leading supermarket chains

Pelwatte Dairy Industries – the manufacturer and distributor of superior quality dairy products in Sri Lanka – has now brought more of its product categories to Sri Lanka’s leading supermarket chains.

Widely known for its healthy, fresh and delicious range of products that include milk, yoghurt, ice-cream and butter, the company is excited to bring its Garlic butter, Unsalted butter and Ghee range to all Arpico, Keells, SPAR and Softlogic outlets.

“We are extremely delighted to have partnered with some of the leading supermarket chains in the country to showcase our wide range of Pelwatte products. All our products are enriched with the wholesome goodness of fresh milk that is nutrient-rich and preservative-free. Pelwatte ghee is one of our most preferred products and we are absolutely thrilled about getting this and many more of our product categories on these supermarket shelves,” stated Akmal Wickramanayake, Managing Director of Pelwatte Dairy Industries.

Pelwatte Dairy’s 230g Ghee jars and Milk powder can be purchased at any Keells outlet. The company’s Garlic butter, Salted butter and Unsalted butter are available at Cargills, Arpico, SPAR and Softlogic outlets islandwide. Additionally, Lanka Sathosa supermarkets now have Pelwatte’s ice cream range, yoghurt range, and salted and unsalted butter varieties for sale.

Pelwatte Dairy’s partnership with Sri Lanka’s leading supermarkets highlighted exciting value-for-money deals which have been extended for the month of October as well. The attractive discounts include saving Rs. 60 on 200g of salted butter at all Keells outlets, Rs.41 off on 200g of unsalted butter at all Arpico chains, and 10 percent off the MRP on all chilled products (not including ice cream) at Sirilak SUPER – Koswatte.

Pelwatte Dairy’s strong commitment to Quality, Taste and Health is reflected in its products, which offer maximum value to its customers. There are no added preservatives in any of the products. Pelwatte butter, for instance, is all-natural as it goes through a standardisation process to control the fat percentage. The company’s ice cream range is produced in compliance with Sri Lanka Standards (SLS) – the national standards body in Sri Lanka. This loyal commitment is definitely a differentiating factor for the company, making it a highly sought-after dairy brand in the country.

Commenting on the sudden spike in coronavirus cases in the country, Wickramanayake stated: “Given the recent turn of events, we at Pelwatte Dairy Industries are doing everything in our power to support the nation. The nationwide lockdown earlier this year witnessed free door-to-door delivery services and other CSR and consumer reach activities from our end. Should there be an escalation in the situation once again, we assure our commitment to the country as well as the dairy industry – to ensure that milk production continues with utmost safety and precaution.”

Pelwatte Dairy has always been intently focused on meeting the country’s domestic milk demand while uplifting the socio-economic status of local dairy farmers. While the nation’s self-sufficiency in milk production remains the primary mission, Pelwatte Dairy supports farmers, their livelihoods and families in myriad ways – empowering them and steering their growth as well as that of the nation’s.

Sri Lanka has great potential in becoming self-sufficient in the production of milk and related products. And Pelwatte Dairy Industries will continue to uphold its pledge to guide the nation in that pursuit.



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