HUTCH announces completion of its island-wide network coverage expansion and 4G roll-out

Unveiling a pivotal achievement post its strategic acquisition of Etisalat Lanka (Pvt) Ltd., in 2018, Hutchison Telecommunications Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, today announced the successful completion of the merger between the two networks and smooth migration of customers from multiple systems to one of world-class unified system.

Senior officials from the local subsidiary of global telecommunication giant CK Hutchison Holdings, announced that the massive network merger would now provide customers access to a bigger and better network of 2G, 3G and 4G services across the country. The company also unveiled its fresh outlook and brand value proposition – “Be. Anywhere” – celebrating the completion of its 4G network coverage in Sri Lanka.

This network development offers the population as much as 95% coverage across all 25 districts, while serving millions of people across 12,000 plus Grama Niladhari divisions. With over 3500sites being merged, the 4G network expansion was a complex process. A total of more than 400 engineers and technical support staff from Sri Lanka and experts from several other countries were deployed to execute the project in a record time of 12 months. As part of its aggressive expansion plans, The company plans to deploy an extensive product range across voice, data and other services at the most affordable price points,  to supplement the enhanced network.

Upbeat about the achievement, Thirukumar Nadarasa, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of HUTCH said, “We are delighted to announce the 100% successful merger of both the networks. We are proud of our Engineering and IT teams for achieving this mammoth undertaking within the scheduled timeframes despite the trying and turbulent operating environment last year. The completion of the island-wide 4G network coverage has propelled HUTCH to the forefront of the industry and this is a testimonial of our commitment to serve all segments of the Sri Lankan market. We will continue to bring benefits of the latest mobile technology to people in Sri Lanka, thereby making it easier for them to live their life and conquer dreams by being anywhere they are!”

Powering ahead to deliver on its promises, Hutch has also completed installation  of the most advanced switch and core network in the country as part of the strategic investment. In addition, the company has deployed one of the most progressive Converged Billing Systems (CvBS) in the world, where Post-pay and Pre-paid billing systems can run on a single hybrid platform offering a wide variety of products and services delivered in multiple ways to suit customer convenience.

Hutch subscribers can expect many more exciting technology rollouts and digital backed products and services as part of the company’s investment in modernizing and expanding its services in Sri Lanka.


By extending 4G coverage across Sri Lanka, Hutch has taken a giant stride in its mission to provide digital inclusivity to customers from every walk of life and to bring affordable broadband services across the entire country. Hutch wants to ensure advanced technologies deployed will make a tangible difference in people’s lives such as affordable data connectivity to all parts of the country.  4G provides a more robust experience and allows Hutch customers to download large files such as videos, games and streaming high quality videos much faster and smoother. Current Hutch customers can upgrade to a 4G ready SIM in an instant and free-of-charge, while retaining the same mobile number as the new number is transferred into the new 4G SIM instantly. A 4G ready SIM can be obtained by ordering online; by visiting a SIM upgrade Retail Outlet or by dialing 1788 to get the SIM delivered FOC to your doorstep. Furthermore the same affordable Hutch Data packs available on the 3G network can also be used on the new 4G network seamlessly.


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