Bling Productions and Eyeon Unveil Pixel Bloom in Sri Lanka

Colombo Lotus Tower (CLT) envisioned creating South Asia’s first immersive and interactive digital art space in Sri Lanka and sought the right partners for the project. After extensive research, they collaborated with Bling Productions and Eyeon, who deeply explored the local digital art landscape, CLT’s vision, and audience demographics to craft a comprehensive plan using state-of-the-art projection mapping technology.

Pixel Bloom was set in motion 14 months ago, involving talented Sri Lankans both locally and abroad. Marlon Jesudason of Bling Productions and Obed Kushan of Eyeon led the creative execution, mapping out the project’s requirements to inspire and empower Sri Lankan artists and the public. Shakya Tennekoonmudali of ShakyaTM Studio visually brought to life the experiences “Colombo Chronicles” and “Beyond the Map,” created by Mahinda Ileperuma and Sandhuni Warnasuriya. Dhanushka Aruna of D4 enhanced the visitor experience with his lighting designs across the seven immersive zones.

Shannon Jacob, a Sri Lankan expat in the USA, composed the main theme and ambient music for Pixel Bloom, collaborating with Anushka Weerakkody and Randy De Silva. Nuwan Bandara, the electronics expert, integrated the interactive spaces in Neon Jungle and the automation setup of Butterfly Bloom, supported by Ahamed Nishadh and Manoj Chamikara with the custom-built EX1 Automation System.

A multidisciplinary team of architects, technicians, designers, writers, artists, software developers, and engineers from CLT collaborated to conceptualize, design, and execute Pixel Bloom, pushing the boundaries of digital artistry in Sri Lanka. The projection mapping infrastructure, powered by EPSON laser projectors, media servers, and fiber technology, ensures seamless data transfer and high-definition visuals. Motion sensors and automated systems immerse visitors in a futuristic digital art journey.

Pixel Bloom features seven distinct interactive and immersive experiences: Colombo Chronicles, Beyond the Map, Pixel Kaleido, FlutterScape, Neon Jungle, Pixel Fusion, and The Tower. These experiences are designed to offer both entertainment and knowledge, pushing STEAM education by integrating artistic expression into technology to foster creativity and innovation.

Pixel Bloom aims to continually collaborate with local and international creatives to refresh the installations, ensuring new and engaging experiences for visitors. Bling Productions and Eyeon plan to update the installations to reflect significant social and seasonal events, making Pixel Bloom a dynamic platform for exploring creative expression in the digital realm.

Pixel Bloom invites visitors to step into the future and immerse themselves in the wonder of digital art, redefining the landscape of digital artistry in Sri Lanka.


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