Huawei and EDMI reach global IoT licensing agreement

Today, Huawei and EDMI [1] announced signing a patent license agreement under fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory (FRAND) conditions. Huawei will grant a cellular IoT Standard Essential Patents (SEPs) license, including NB-IoT, LTE-M and LTE Cat. 1 to EDMI. This agreement represents another recognition of the strength of Huawei’s cellular IoT SEPs from industry peers. It also enables EDMI to secure its own business and provide comprehensive legal protection to its customers.

As a top contributor to cellular IoT technologies and standards, Huawei owns a leading portfolio of cellular IoT SEPs, which creates great value for smart metering solutions providers like EDMI. Huawei introduced its cellular IoT patent licensing program and announced its royalty rates based on transparency and consistency in July 2023. [2]

“Huawei is pleased to reach this license agreement with EDMI, which will greatly promote innovations in traditional industries such as utilities,” said David Wang, Head of Huawei’s Asia Pacific Intellectual Property Department. “Huawei is dedicated to sharing cutting-edge innovations through FRAND SEP licensing practices. Huawei commends licensee’s support of our R&D activities, which will facilitate our continuous introduction of better standards.”

“Forging a licensing arrangement with Huawei is a significant milestone for EDMI. This underscores EDMI’s commitment to our global customers in delivering enhanced, reliable and quality products and solutions. We look forward to leveraging this partnership to continue to provide innovative smart metering products and solutions that benefit our customers globally,” said Roy Kirsopp, Group CEO at EDMI.


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