DIMO Redefines Pre-Owned Luxury Vehicle Ecosystem with CARPITAL Advisory Services

DIMO, a long-standing trailblazer in Sri Lanka’s mobility industry, launched CARPITAL Advisory Services by DIMO CERTIFIED a Complimentary advisory service tailored for pre-owned luxury vehicle buyers and  sellers. CARPITAL facilitates buyers and sellers with right direction to capitalise the Financial Gain hidden in their Appreciated Vehicle Asset or to make correct investment decision on pre-owned luxury vehicles.

Navigating the volatile pre-owned luxury vehicle market amidst import restrictions and rising market values can be challenging. CARPITAL offers complementary expert guidance and consultation, throughout the entire buying and selling journey of pre-owned luxury vehicles, ensuring risk-free, 100% transparent transactions with absolute peace of mind. 

Tharanga Gunawardena, General Manager – Passenger Vehicle Sales of DIMO, explained, “CARPITAL addresses a crucial need for informed decision-making in the pre-owned luxury vehicle market. Our CARPITAL Advisers who are experienced Luxury Vehicle Sales Professionals, provide comprehensive guidance on selling and buying luxury vehicles, ensuring a smooth and  informed journey for our clients at a crucial time when market values of luxury vehicles have  appreciated. Furthermore, they can also propose other investment options to grow the financial gain realized upon disposal of the appreciated luxury vehicle asset. CARPITAL transcends mere transactions by offering comprehensive consultation services, guiding clients through the sale of their appreciated Luxury Vehicle advising on upgrading, downgrading, switching to another brand within the same price range. Furthermore, they even may extend advice in unlocking the vehicle’s financial gain unleashed upon the sale with strategic re-investment options.”

Avoiding pre-owned luxury vehicle pitfalls is crucial in this business with ensuring in-depth inspections to uncover tampered mileages, hidden repair costs, and improper maintenance. Hidden accident histories and potential legal issues related to forged vehicle documentation can impact safety and resale value.

CARPITAL also streamlines the buying and  selling process, providing access to a wide database of genuine buyers of leading luxury brands Mercedes-Benz, Jeep, Audi, BMW, Land Rover, and Range Rover.

For sellers, CARPITAL Advisers provide the highest price for their existing luxury vehicle upon a real market value assessment  and timely guidance. Comprehensive valuations conducted by DIMO’s trained Automobile Experts ensure transparency and eliminates guesswork, empowering sellers and buyers to make informed decisions. 

All luxury pre-owned vehicles offered to  prospective clients are handpicked, fully refurbished with assured aftersales services and 1-year unlimited mileage warranty ensuring  added ‘peace of mind’.

DIMO CERTIFIED Customers benefit from 100% ownership transfer and backed by DIMO trust for over 85 years, as the only authorized general distributor for Mercedes-Benz, Chrysler and Jeep in Sri Lanka.  While primarily serving existing luxury vehicle owners, CARPITAL also welcomes individuals aspiring to upgrade to a luxury vehicle in the future.

Connect with a CARPITAL Adviser at DIMO CERTIFIED to experience exclusive ‘peace of mind’ and transparent services offered in Sri Lanka.   


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CARPITAL Advisory Services by DIMO CERTIFIED. 

About DIMO

Diesel & Motor Engineering PLC (DIMO) is involved in a number of related fields and represents many prestigious principals – Mercedes-Benz, Siemens, Jeep, KSB, TATA Motors, MTU, Komatsu, Michelin, Zeiss, MRF, Bomag, Claas, TK Elevator, Mahindra Tractors and Stanley to name a few. From a company known for vehicles, DIMO today has diversified into many areas. Medical Engineering, Building Management Systems and Services, Power Generation and Distribution, Material Handling, Storage and Warehouse solutions, Power Tools, Agricultural Equipment, Total Lighting Solutions, Power systems and Generators, Refrigeration, Ship Repairing and Driver Training Courses are some of the areas into which DIMO has entered during the past few decades. DIMO has also diversified into fertilizer and agriculture input market. DIMO successfully entered into overseas markets in the Maldives and Myanmar, by expanding their Marine and General Engineering services through partnerships in the Maldives and their automobiles and automobile servicing segments into Myanmar. DIMO is currently working to consolidate on current overseas operations with new markets in East Africa.


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