Hayleys Fentons secures Silver across Construction Sector at CA Sri Lanka TAGS Awards 2023

Hayleys Fentons Limited, Sri Lanka’s No.1 Solar EPC company and MEP contractor with over 100 years of engineering excellence, secured the Silver Award for the Best Annual Report in the Construction Sector at CA Sri Lanka’s TAGS Awards 2023.  This marks the company’s third consecutive year in the top three, recognising its firm commitment to transparency, accountability, governance and sustainability in corporate reporting.

The award caps off an exceptional year for Hayleys Fentons, with exceptional performance and growth despite challenges, ranking among the top contenders in construction and renewable energy sectors including solar power.

By drawing parallels between the intricate world of the spiders and business resilience principles, Hayleys Fentons’ Annual Report 22/23, was themed “The Resilient Web – Spinning Success in the Face of Adversity.” It reflects how successfully Fentons incorporated the business strategy to ensure commercial sustainability by building and maintaining a robust organisation that thrives in the face of uncertainties and challenges.

Hasith Prematillake, the Managing Director of Hayleys Fentons Limited states, “In a remarkable financial year, we faced unprecedented challenges head-on while remaining steadfast in our commitment to excellence. In the face of uncertainty, we seized opportunities, adapted our strategies to serve businesses and the public better, and emerged stronger than ever.

“As Hayleys Fentons embarks on the next chapter of a remarkable journey, I have confidence in the team’s ability to navigate challenges, pursue growth, and create shared value for the industry, and the communities we are privileged to serve. A special word of thanks goes out to our clients and business partners for their continued loyalty. I look forward to their support and partnership in the years ahead.”

“Transparency and accountability are true mandates of our business and reinforce the trust and confidence our stakeholders have in us. We are delighted to see our efforts being recognised and rewarded,” states Pamudith Gunawardana, Finance Director of Hayleys Fentons Limited. “We are dedicated to elevating our reporting standards, setting a benchmark for integrity in our sector. Our commitment involves delivering a clear and transparent view of Hayleys Fentons Limited’s strategic direction, performance, governance practices, and our journey towards sustainable value creation.”


Image Caption:  The Hayleys Fentons Team at CA Sri Lanka’s TAGS award night


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